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Multi-lumen catheter
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Multi-lumen catheter

Multi-lumen catheter
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Commodity name Material Size Balloon Capacity (ml)  Use
Single Way RectumCatheter(CoudeTip included) Latex,Silicon-coated Fr18-Fr26 10/30.30/50  Prostate hemostasia andbladder injection
 A  4-Way Foley Catheter with Double Balloons (B) Latex,Silicon-coated Fr14-Fr18 20/5, 30/10 Perfusion, radiography anddrain for prostate gland
 5-Way Foley Catheter Latex,Silicon-coated Fr14-Fr18 for Microwave treatment, Minimum harm to human treatment

1.Do not use lubricants containing petroleum base.
2.This product is disposable and has been sterilized with ethylene oxide.Don’t use if package is damaged.
3.The type, size and balloon capacity are printed on both the package and product.
4.This product is restricted to be used by medical staff.
5.Protected from light,Kept in cool condition.

1.LUBRICATION: Lubricate the latex urethral catheter with medical lubricants before use.

2.INSERTION:Carefully insert the lubricated catheter into the bladder (normally indicated by urine flow),then a further 3cm.

3.WATER.FILLING:Hold the valve bush insert the syringe without needle into the valve and the injecting have to be no nore han demarcating content.After that ,pull softly the catheter outward until bladder is choked by the inflated balloon.

4.TAKING OUT:When taking out the catheter from the bladder,insert an empty syringe into the valve and let the water flow ut naturally

5.RETENTION TIME:The retention time is no more than 7 days.

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